Terms of Use

As a platform to support collaborative and coordinated collection development of web archives, Cobweb is designed to both aggregate and solicit metadata about web archiving intentions and other collection development activities. Cobweb is a neutral content aggregator that only collects content that is freely and openly available on the Web and via open metadata exchange protocols. Content contributed to Cobweb will be done under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY) license. Cobweb maintains attribution for all contributed material. If and when requests are made to disable access to content managed or displayed in the platform, they will meet a prompt response.

Cobweb is intended to provide visibility into the collecting intentions and other collection development activities of organizations and individuals involved in web archiving. As such, platform users who establish Cobweb accounts in so doing agree to share with other authenticated Cobweb users their organizational affiliation(s) (if supplied) and their involvement in and activity related to collaborative collecting projects.

A note on accessibility: Cobweb is currently an experimental platform and our goal is for Cobweb to be broadly accessible. At this stage of development, some features may not function as expected for users of assistive technologies. We are working to fix these issues as development continues. Please report any accessibility issue that you encounter so that we can both find a near-term workaround and incorporate its remediation into the development roadmap.

If you have questions, suggestions or requests relating to Cobweb, please contact us.